I am fortunate to live near the edge of Dartmoor and within a short drive of the Atlantic coast. I have recently started to appreciate my beautiful surroundings more rather than just walking or trudging through them. This has been helped by my rather particular friend:black dog, who takes me for a walk every day.

Having always scribbled, I thought I might have a go at combining the two, nothing new there really but an indulgent way to be creative. I love maps and hope to find some out of the way places for some wild writing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Svendknud and hi again Vicky, Mo has asked me to let you and your mum know that he will be on Ha’penny Pier with Svendknud in Harwich for the Sea Shanty Festival this coming weekend. I have a landline number for Mo, 01255 679316, if you would like to speak to him. Let me know if you can make it over to the Essex coast and we can meet up for a cuppa. Very best, Sarah (Distant Drum Sailing)


    1. Hi Sarah, so sorry for the delay in replying, happy new year! thanks so much for the contact details I will pass them on to mum, say hi to Mo, we are in Cornwall so the east coast is a long way off. Mum is die to move in with us soon and I know she has lots of photos of Svendknud when my parents had her, which Mo may like copies of. Happy sailing, Vicky.


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