Having felt a little disconnected from the natural world recently, think early morning and evening dog walks in the dark, I signed up to We are Wildness. The lighter evenings of Spring seemed an ideal opportunity to take time to appreciate new nature. We  are Wildness is an excellent online community which shares stunning photography, thought provoking bloggs and leaves you wanting to get out there.

I’m not usually one for organised “sports” but was tempted by the Rewild your Life 30 day challenge. Part of the WAW online “university”, I paid my $9 registration fee and entered a brave new world.

I have seen the world through different people’s eyes: from back gardens and balconies to horse trails through the Andes. Family picnics in rocky English smuggling coves to rattle snakes in the dry and arid desert. All have a new focus each day.

Skying, bare foot wandering, listening, touch, giving yourself permission (to do what is your personal quest) are just a few of the daily tasks thus far.

A vast array of humanity is participating and that’s what makes it so special. I have made contact with many people from across the globe, Californian spiritualists and Australian grandmothers included. However, despite our very obvious differences, we all live under the same sky.

A week in and I have started to reconnect. The best therapy around for $9.